Upper House

Upper House: for children aged 7 - 11

We support our children as they move into their final years with us, equipping them for their next steps in education.

As the key years for exam preparation, the children continue to concentrate on the core subjects of Literacy and Numeracy. Then in the first term of the Star Room (Year 6), our oldest students spend time honing their exam technique by practising past papers.

``I love my school and I wish it was a secondary school so I could stay here until I'm 18.``

–  Year 6 Pupil


A curriculum blending breadth and depth

As well as Literacy and Numeracy, the children are taught:

  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art
  • PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education)

They also receive specialist teaching in:

  • ICT
  • Music
  • Drama

A significant proportion of the week is also devoted to PE, swimming, games and tennis sessions.

A thorough and varied education

Character Development

Every child has the chance to shine.

Our oldest children, in Year 6, also benefit from a weekly session looking at current affairs and spend time as ‘buddies’, mentoring our youngest children in the Nursery.

Then, to celebrate the end of the exams, they get to enjoy a four-day residential trip, where further life skills are explored and developed.

We want to equip our pupils with the confidence and resourcefulness that prepares them to grow, thrive and find their success in a fast-changing world.


Extra Curricular

From board games to Broadway

Clubs on offer for our Upper House children are run by our dedicated staff and are different every term.

From September 2022 Before and After School Care will be offered to all year groups from 8am to 6pm in term time.

A Holiday Club will also run for most of the school holidays from 8.30am 5.30pm.

We also offer an externally run Fencing club and there are opportunities to audition for the Choir.

Current clubs on offer:


Available from 8am - 6pm

This is offered to Nursery and Reception children plus their siblings. From September 2022 it will be offered to all year groups.

Our Breakfast Club runs before school everyday from 8-8:45am.

Our After School Fun & Study Club runs after school everyday from 3:30-6pm.

A Holiday Club will also run for most of the school holidays from 8.30am 5.30pm.

Begin an unforgettable adventure
Children who join Charterhouse Square develop their confidence and gain a genuine love for learning, starting them on the path to success.

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