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Wellbeing & Pastoral Care

Supported to thrive.

At Charterhouse Square School, we are determined to help every child develop courage, honesty, kindness, and confidence.

We believe these are the core values to help children succeed in a competitive world. As such, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional pastoral care offering.

Pastoral care takes many forms at Charterhouse Square School.


Staff are passionate about developing pupils' academic progress and emotional wellbeing and are committed to carefully monitoring every child's journey as they progress through the school.


The dedicated teacher is the first person your child sees every day, this creates familiarity and trust between pupil and teacher.


When a child joins Charterhouse Square School, the parents become part of the community. We develop a relationship based on honesty and trust, with the child at the heart of our conversations.

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education

We deliver a well-rounded programme of PSHE which helps children prepare for the pressures of the outside world.


A fundamental element of our wellbeing offering involves maintaining a strong sense of community among our staff and pupils, fostering a true sense of family. Our school community is closely knit, where everyone, including parents, pupils, and staff, are familiar with one another.

As part of our wellbeing offering we follow the Jigsaw programme of PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Emotional). This curriculum includes weekly lessons that cover topics such as emotions, behaviours, and health.

Our commitment to the emotional wellbeing of our pupils is evident through various additional support measures:
  • One of our dedicated staff members is a trained counsellor who provides support for pupils dealing with friendship troubles, nerves around starting senior school, and general anxieties.

  • Throughout the school, we have worry boxes situated in key locations. These boxes are checked daily, allowing pupils to express their concerns and anxieties in a safe and confidential manner.

  • We actively involve our pupils in shaping our well-being initiatives. This includes conducting pupil surveys and holding school council meetings to gather their insights and feedback, ensuring that their voices are heard and valued.

  • To support the physical and mental wellbeing of our pupils, we provide freshly cooked, nutritious meals on-site to ensure our pupils are energised for success.

  • We have two staff members trained in the Drawing and Talking programme, enabling them to provide support to pupils with clear social or emotional needs.

It is a wonderful school with happy children who love being there. The teachers are unbelievably dedicated and the management team lead by example. They are always available to discuss any concerns.

– Charterhouse Square School Parent

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