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Academic Excellence

Prepared for what's next.

It is not down to chance that our pupils enjoy success in the classroom and later exams. It is built on superb teaching and high expectations.

Parents send their children to Charterhouse Square School because we offer superb preparation for senior school within a friendly and supportive environment.

Year after year, our girls and boys leave the school with much-coveted places at some of London’s finest schools. They also leave with the personal skills necessary to make the most of the opportunities they have earned.

How we teach

Our success is not down to chance – or a selective entry policy.

Teaching excellence

We will not compromise on teaching excellence. From Nursery to Year 6, our children are taught by highly qualified teachers who have the skills and know-how required to teach any of our students, no matter the year group.


We follow a curriculum designed to ensure that every class in the school is operating a year ahead of what is expected for their age group.


We believe that children respond well to being challenged and extended, particularly when feeling comfortable and supported. We ensure our pupils get both.

Independent learners

We encourage each child – even from an early age – to take responsibility for their learning. They are taught to be self-motivated, inquisitive and independent.

A nurturing environment, my child loves school, there is a detailed and child centric approach to academic success.

 – Charterhouse Square School Parent


A total learning experience.

Our curriculum doesn't just focus on the academic lessons we teach. We take a holistic approach to also develop the routines, behaviours, events, activities, and other opportunities that our pupils experience on a daily basis.

This process helps to ensure that pupils make the best possible progress academically and contributes to their overall development for future success in the wider world.

11+ Preparations

Our pupils feel prepared and confident entering their exams.

At Charterhouse Square School, we take pride in our pupils' achievements and recognise the importance of offering parents comprehensive guidance to ensure the best educational journey for their children. Our Head possesses extensive knowledge of all senior schools, ensuring a tailored approach to finding the 'best fit' for each child.

Our 11+ exam preparation not only takes place in the year leading up to exams but is also seamlessly integrated into the curriculum from the early years. To maintain high academic standards, we work a curriculum a year ahead where possible. This forward-thinking approach ensures that our pupils are well-prepared for any challenges they may encounter.

Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on verbal and non-verbal reasoning. We believe in cultivating a robust vocabulary to support overall cognitive development. To further aid learning and exam practice, pupils have access to Century Tech, an AI platform.

To prepare our pupils for interviews we focus on oracy skills through activities such as debating, philosophy for children, and current affairs. Additionally, our pupils serve as tour guides on Nursery Viewing Days, providing them with valuable experience in communicating with unfamiliar adults.

In Year 6, pupils undergo mock interviews, receiving constructive feedback to enhance their interview skills. We also hold regular parent-teacher meetings to facilitate open communication, allowing parents to actively participate in their child's educational progress.

Practical exam preparation is a key aspect of our approach. We engage pupils in weekly completion of past papers and provide focused instruction on exam techniques. Our unique approach extends to the arts, exploring the expressive potential of paintings and what they can communicate.

Additionally, we integrate puzzles and challenges into our curriculum, serving as effective tools to further enhance interview and exam practice. We encourage a broad reading diet through Reading Passports, with a particular emphasis on classics to prepare pupils for the comprehension element of exams.

Our approach ensures that our pupils excel not only academically but also as well-rounded individuals, fully prepared to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

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