Upper House

As our children progress through the Rainbow, Balloon, Kite and Star Rooms they enjoy a varied timetable but with a growing focus on exam preparation.

The curriculum taught to our Rainbow, Balloon, Kite and Star classes continues to provide an unusual blend of breadth and increasing depth. As well as literacy and numeracy, the children are taught history, science, French, geography, art and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education) and receive specialist teaching in ICT, music and drama. A significant proportion of the week is also devoted to PE, swimming, games and tennis sessions.

When the children move into the Balloon and Kite Rooms – the key years for exam preparation – they continue to concentrate on the core subjects of literacy and numeracy. Then in the first term of Star Room, they spend time honing their exam technique by practising past papers.

Our Star children also benefit from a weekly session looking at current affairs and spend time as ‘buddies’, mentoring our youngest children in the Green Room.

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