Inspection Reports

Charterhouse Square School is outstanding in all areas. That was the judgement of the School Inspection Service in 2016 and Ofsted in 2012.

‘Outstanding’ is the highest accolade awarded by the School Inspection Service – and in our case they applied it to every aspect of life at the school: the quality of education we provide; the personal development of our pupils, the way we look after our children’s health and safety; our leadership, management and governance; and the effectiveness of our Early Years provision.

You can download and read the whole report below (and the Ofsted report from 2012), but here are some of the comments that made us especially proud – not least because they reflect so well on our wonderful children.

School Inspection Service 2016

SIS Report 2016


Ofsted Report 2012

“There is a clear focus on promoting the academic achievement of pupils and the school does this exceptionally well”

“Pupils make good and usually outstanding progress as they move through the school because the teachers ensure that the work they are given challenges them appropriately. By the end of Year 6 their achievement is exceptionally high.”

“The school is highly successful in ensuring that pupils are accepted for their first choice of secondary school.”

“The very well planned curriculum gives every child the chance to shine.”

“Pupils’ independent learning skills are very well promoted in lessons. This develops their confidence and helps them to tackle work which they might have otherwise found daunting.”

“The staff demand a great deal of their pupils and pupils respond very positively to this.”

“The school has a warm and inclusive ethos which extends to all pupils and staff. This is strongly promoted by the headteacher and modelled for pupils by staff. As a result all pupils are valued and supported.”

“The Early Years Provision is highly effective… Leaders and managers have very high expectations for children’s development and provide excellent care, nurturing and teaching.”

“Children of all abilities make outstanding progress. By the end of the Early Years all the children meet and usually exceed the level of development that is typical for their age. They are very well prepared for their transition to Year 1.”

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