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Cognita Schools

Cognita is a global leader in independent education, committed to seeing children achieve their full potential.

Charterhouse Square School is a proud member of the Cognita global family of schools. We benefit from the support that being part of a global group brings, as well its culture of academic excellence.

Cognita’s mission to be the leading global schools group began in 2004, with a single school in the UK. Now, with close to 30,000 students enrolled in Cognita schools worldwide, Charterhouse Square is part of a growing family of 68 international and independent schools in 8 countries.

Charterhouse Square School is proud to uphold Cognita’s values through its excellent curriculum, caring school environment and extra-curricular activities.

Charterhouse Square is one of 7 Cognita schools in London, alongside St Nicholas Prep School, Salcombe Prep School, Clifton Lodge School and more.

To find out more, please visit the Cognita website and connect with us on social media:

020 7600 3805