School Life

Charterhouse Square School is full of life and interest, with all sorts of talent, endeavour and success on display inside and outside the classroom.

Charterhouse Square School is committed to providing a happy, healthy and comfortable environment for our pupils to learn and develop. Our primary aim is of course to give your children a fantastic education, but that’s just one aspect of what we do here.

We believe that giving children the opportunity to express themselves is pivotal to their overall personal development. That’s why each pupil at Charterhouse Square has access to and is encouraged to take part in a variety of extracurricular activities. These range from sports, to craft clubs and many educational school trips.

Events Calendar & Fixtures

Every term at Charterhouse Square School is packed with meetings, performances, trips, events and fixtures. Here are the key dates for your diary.

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Term Dates

Please look here to see the dates for the start and end of each term – and the Parents’ Days when you can come in to discuss your child’s progress.

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Typical School Day

Our daily routine is designed to create a happy, healthy, comfortable and familiar environment in which every child is ready to learn and develop.

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Extra Curricular Activities

We believe that a truly excellent education is about matching academic success to opportunity, development and fulfilment outside the classroom.

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We take full advantage of our central location to ensure that our children benefit from a stimulating programme of cultural and educational trips.

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School News

Our school is so full of life that it’s hard to keep up with all the activity that goes on and all the many successes that our boys and girls enjoy.

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Photo Gallery

Every term our children take part in a variety of trips, performances and activities. Here you can see some of the best moments captured on camera.

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We enjoy a surprising amount of space inside our school, allowing us to offer a range of facilities designed to enrich the lives of our children.

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