Letter to Parents – July 2018

Dear Parents,

I am writing with regards to staff changes for September, thereby announcing with a heavy heart that some staff are leaving us in July.

Charles, who has taught in the Star, Rainbow and Yellow is sadly leaving us after four years.  He has been such a great support to Robert and Luke and enabled the school to make huge strides on the rugby pitch and tennis courts.  We wish him all the very best and thank him for all the support and kindness that he has shown the children.  Kim Aitken who has taught French and art in the Upper House is also sadly leaving us to join her husband in his retirement.  Kim joined us nearly six years ago and has been such a wonderful asset to the team. She is an example to both the children and adults and if I have a fraction of her joie de vivre at her age, I will be absolutely delighted.  Her support and dedication have been invaluable to the entire team.  We are also very sad to be saying goodbye to Rachel Roberts.  Her passion and enthusiasm are second to none and the Green Room children over the last two years, have been truly lucky to have had her as their teacher.  She leaves us to accept an offer she couldn’t refuse from Oxford University, to carry out research on an educational project. We remain hopeful that she may return once this is completed.   We are also saying farewell to Claudia, the Blue Room teaching assistant, who in just a year has become such a valuable member of the team. She is relocating with her family to Hastings.  George Chellis, the Star Room teaching assistant, is leaving us to start his teaching qualification and so although sad to say goodbye, we are delighted that he isn’t leaving the teaching profession. The Star Room children have greatly enjoyed his sense of fun and we are grateful for his knowledge and support with cricket over the year.  Jemma as many of you will have noticed is expecting her second child in September and so is passing her role to the very capable Anneli Harrision for the next academic year.  As a result we are very sad to be saying goodbye to Sophie Glibbery.  You only had to attend last night’s performance of Aladdin to see how much she will be missed for her talent and enthusiasm.

I know you will join me in wishing them all the very best in their new and exciting adventures.

Rachel Roberts’ Early Years post will be filled by Fiona Bickmore who has been at the school for a number of years and this year completed her iPGCE qualifying earlier this month. Fiona’s current teaching assistant role will be filled by Aneesa Ahmad who brings many years of Early Years’ experience from other schools.

Christian joins as the Star Room teaching assistant with plenty of year six experience and a keen interest in sports and we are delighted to welcome back Amy Montgomery from her maternity leave to replace Charles’ job share in the Yellow Room with Julia.

Frustratingly, the appointed teaching assistant for the Blue Room informed us this week that she is no longer able to join us in September. Therefore, I am afraid that at this point in time I am unable to  detail who will support Sophie next term.

All new (and returning!) staff will be in classes next Wednesday for Transition Day and so please do introduce yourselves.

And so staffing for September will be as follows:-

Green Room:-  Catherine Rosen, Clare Pusey and Laura Overton (TA)

Red Room:-   Taylor Hinton, Fiona Bickmore and Aneesa Ahmad (TA)

Yellow Room:-   Julia Maxwell (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday), Amy Montgomery (Tuesday, Friday) and Catherine Jiassemides (TA)

Blue Room:-  Sophie Parkes

Rainbow Room:-   Amy Clarke and Deborah Phillips (TA)

Balloon Room:-  Robert Knight

Kite Room:- Rebecca Rouse

Star Room:-   Michael Joinson and Christian Walker (TA)

Luke will continue teaching sports across the school in addition to supporting Balloon and Kite Rooms and Amie Dickinson will take over Kim’s French teaching.

If you have any questions about September then please do catch either Julia or me.

Best wishes,


020 7600 3805