Letter to Parents


Dear Parents,

I hope you have all had a lovely summer break and that your children were keen to return to school to see their friends and teachers and to join their new classes.  May I take this opportunity to welcome all the new families that are joining the Charterhouse community both in the Green Room and higher up the school.

As you will have noticed the works in the square are well underway making it impossible for the school to continue using one side, as we did last term.  We always knew that there would be a period of time when it was out of action and in many ways the delays to the works suited us as it meant we could continue being outside for the summer term.

Whilst we are unable to use the square we have put in place the following plans. The Blue, Rainbow, Balloon, Kite and Star Room children will walk to Quaker Gardens for lunch time play on a Monday and Thursday. This will mean that including their Wednesday session at Coram’s Fields, they have outdoor play three times a week, in addition to their extensive sporting timetable.    The Yellow Room children will have outdoor sessions at Fortune Street Park on a Tuesday and Friday and an additional PE slot at Golden Lane. Consequently they will get outside every day for one activity or another.

The Green and Red Rooms whose little legs prevent them from walking too far will have outdoor play sessions in the Master’s Garden at the Charterhouse across the square and in addition the Reds will have two PE sessions at Golden Lane.  I would like to thank the Master, Charlie Hobson and the residents of the Charterhouse for allowing us this privilege.   The above timetabling has been an enormous headache to agree and arrange and is currently only a plan on paper. I fully expect that there will have to be some amendments and tweaks over the coming weeks and so please bear with us.  Rest assured that we are all aware how important it is for the children to get outside and we will do all that is practical to ensure it happens as much as possible.

Welcome letters and timetables will be sent home this week and uploaded on the website should further copies be needed. The calendar has already been updated, but for ease of reference, dates for the diary are:-

14th September Choir auditions. Rainbow and up.

15th September Curriculum Evening 6 – 6:30 Yellow, Blue and Rainbow.  6:45-7:15 Balloon, Kite and Star.

29th September Class photos.

11th October Yellow Room trip to Museum of Childhood.

13th October Early Years (Green and Red Room) Curriculum Evening. 6:30 – 7. Followed by TPN Welcome Drinks.

17th and 18th October Mock interviews for Star Room exam children.

21st October Break up for half term. Normal home time.


We look forward to a productive, busy and fun term!

Best wishes,


020 7600 3805