Letter to Parents


Dear Parents,


Please find attached a copy of the SIS report following our

recent inspection.


It is perhaps worth explaining that SIS follows exactly the

same framework and standards as Ofsted but are simply a

different body of inspectors who happen to be cheaper!


We are absolutely delighted to maintain outstanding across the board, a huge achievement when standards have been raised considerably by the Government. It shows that the school continues to improve and move forward.  There is also the newly introduced standard of leadership and so I am pleased to be remaining in situ and glad that the senior leadership team got the recognition that they deserve.  Indeed, staff were highly praised during the feedback being described as inspirational, enthusiastic and truly engaged, “they are remarkable”.  Your children were equally praised as being “hugely respectful, with academic outcomes that were exceptional”.

However, perhaps the greatest accomplishment is that we achieved these outcomes despite the visit being somewhat of a surprise, which shows that this outstanding level of teaching and detail is happening routinely each and every day. It is this fact that I am most proud of.

It goes without saying that I am indebted to the staff for all that they do for the school and the children and I hope that you will join us in our celebrations on the 12th May.


Best wishes,





020 7600 3805