Letter to Parents


Dear Parents,

My goodness what a term it has been! We have enjoyed an array of trips, visitors, performances and of course Charterhouse Cup Week and Science Week.  If this didn’t make life busy enough for us, we then had a surprise visit from the inspectors! The final report will be ready for publication next term but as you already know from the invitations sent out, we are delighted to have achieved outstanding in all areas which is remarkable considering the increased expectations set by the Government. I hope that many of you will join us on the 12th May for a drink to celebrate.

We also have much to celebrate with this year’s senior school results.  My congratulations to all of the year 6 children for all their hard work and focus which resulted in places (and indeed many scholarships), at Highgate, Blackheath High, City, City Girls, Northwood College, Channing, Portland Place, Francis Holland, Colts, Bancroft, Queen’s, St Helen’s, North Bridge, Haberdashers, Forest, Queenswood, Dulwich and South Hampstead High.

You may have noticed towards the end of term that the development of the garden has temporarily been suspended due to a change in contactors.  As yet we don’t know what affect this will have for the school – it may mean that we will be able to use it for the first part of next term.  However, whatever the outcome, we have identified two suitable outdoor areas, Quaker Gardens and King’s Square and over the holidays we will timetable how and when we can use these.  One of the major issues is staffing and I was hoping that there might be some parents or nannies who would be able to support us (on a rota basis) by giving us some of their time over lunch to help us walk the children to the parks.  If you feel that you may be able to help us with this request then please email the school.

On a staffing front we are delighted to welcome Miss Fiona Bickmore as a teaching assistant next term and Miss Rachel Roberts who will join the Early Years team in September. I am also thrilled to announce that Jemma Bateman is expecting her first child in September. I am sure you will join me in congratulating her and Loui on this very exciting news.

As I am writing the building works are well under way and so we look forward to returning on the 20th April to newly refurbished Rainbow and Raindrop classes and a swanky new computer suite, decked out with eighteen apple macs.

I think the busyness of last term is probably summed up by the fact that my end of term letter is reaching you half way through the Easter break! My apologies.


Best wishes,


020 7600 3805