Letter to Parents

31st March 2017

Dear Parents,

What an incredibly action- packed and busy term this has been.

I would like to start by congratulating all the Star Room children on the exceptional array of senior school offers that they have received this year. I have worked at the school for over twenty three years and I don’t ever remember such an impressive set of results. The children have secured offers from Bancroft, Channing, Highgate, North Bridge House (Canonbury,Hampstead and Regent’s Park), Francis Holland, South Hampstead, Blackheath, Belmont, Merchant Taylors’, Queens’ College, Emmanuel, Aldenham, Forest, Cothill, City Girls and City. What makes the results even more exciting is the number of places offered by each school. For example, this year we received six offers from City Girls and five places at City, a truly remarkable result for such a small cohort. Mixed in with this is a wonderful selection of music and academic scholarships. Well done to one and all for your hard work and focus.

Another highlight of the term was Charterhouse Square winning, for the first time, the City Schools Swimming Gala. For many this day is a highpoint in the school calendar and up until now we have always had to settle for second best, giving way to schools that have regular access to a swimming pool. However, we have worked tirelessly to change this with improved instructors and the introduction of a swimming squad. Slowly, but surely we have been creeping up the leaders’ board until finally this proved to be our year! It was extremely close and as a result utterly nail biting. Well done to all the children who participated and thanks to all the parents for their shouting, cheering and overall support. We have also had sporting successes with football, netball and tag rugby, not to mention

Charterhouse Cup Week and the fun run which raised a staggering £5,701 for the school charity WWF.

As always, the children have enjoyed a variety of trips and visitors including the Science Museum, the V and A and a performance from the Little Angel Theatre of ‘Wow!’ said the Owl. Perhaps the favourite trip of all was the Star Room residential, which this year was a PGL trip to Marchants Hill. One change to the usual timetable of activities was the introduction this year of 40 Acts of Kindness. This is a theme which runs throughout Lent with the idea that each class is set an act of kindness to carry out during the day. These acts have ranged from giving someone a compliment to looking after someone who appears lonely or sad. In addition to the class suggestions, children have also been encouraged to put their ideas on a post it note on a display board in the Jungle Room. They have come up with some wonderful acts of kindness and I hope that parents have noticed changes at home, with perhaps more gratitude and help on offer, or at least tidier bedrooms which appeared on many a post it note! As part of this initiative the Star Room spoke with all the classes asking for donations of food and cleaning materials for the Camden food bank, resulting in a terrific response. Our thanks go to all who contributed.

As you are all aware, progress with the Square has been disappointing. Somewhat unsurprisingly, we saw a flurry of activity before the Queen’s visit with precious little since. I recently met with the new Master at the Charterhouse and relayed our concerns that the seeding would take forever to establish but she has made it clear that they don’t have the budget to lay down turf. In an attempt to try and move this situation on, the school have offered to cover this outlay and I am waiting to hear what the outcome of this is. Next term we will continue to use Quaker Court, Master’s Garden and Fortune Park. We are also looking at the possibility of taking the Green and Red Room to Coram’s Fields for the occasional trip now that the weather has finally switched to summer mode! I understand the frustrations caused by the Square’s closure and am grateful for your patience with this matter.

On a final note I would like to thank all the staff for being so positive, helpful and enthusiastic during what has proved to be a very busy term indeed. Our recent employee survey has shown that the staff believe that the school is a great environment in which to work and I hope that the children would agree that it is also a great place to learn.

Best wishes for Easter,


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