Lower House

In our Yellow and Blue Rooms we broaden our curriculum by introducing specialist lessons in subjects such as ICT, science, history and geography.

We follow a broad curriculum in the Yellow and Blue Rooms designed to give all of our children a thorough grounding in the core subjects of literacy and numeracy as well as the arts, humanities and sport.

In both classrooms, the weekly timetable therefore includes multiple sessions on literacy and numeracy, supplemented by lessons in ICT, Spanish, science, history, geography, drama, music, art and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education). Both classes also enjoy regular sessions devoted to swimming, PE and aerobics, with the Blue Room also having a weekly trip to Coram’s Fields to practise a variety of sports.

In the Yellow Room, our literacy lessons are divided up to cover grammar, creative writing, spelling, phonics and handwriting, and the teachers listen to every child read each day. The Blue Room covers the same range of skills, supplemented with a guided reading session four times a week. In numeracy, both classes cover pure and applied mathematics; number and algebra; shape, space and measures; and handling data.

In both core subjects, we teach one year ahead of the national curriculum, ensuring that all of our boys and girls are extremely well prepared for the acceleration in their learning that takes place in the Upper House of the school.

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