What is an independent school?

Independent school

There are many different types of schools available to students in the the UK and understanding what each offers can be confusing, here we explain what an independent school is and what it could offer your child.

Independent schools are not funded by the government and charge a fee to pupils who would like to attend. Pupils do not have to follow the national curriculum, this curriculum is often shaped by the school to suit the needs of its pupils. Independent schools do have to be registered with the government and are inspected regularly.

Charterhouse Square school is an East London independent school and we will explain how the opportunities available here differ from other educational routes.


What do children learn at Charterhouse Square school?

Within the school children are divided into three age groups, Early Years, Lower House and Upper House. The curriculum of each age group reflects the requirements of the children. In Early Years we encourage our children to learn through play and educational activities.

When a child moves up to The Lower House, we introduce more subject specific lessons, including Science, Maths and English, focused on providing a fantastic foundation for further education.

In the Upper House, attention is now focused on exam preparation and a more varied timetable is introduced.

One thing that we pride ourselves on at Charterhouse Square school is that our boys and girls are taught a year ahead of the requirements set by the national curriculum, ensuring all our students are a step ahead.


A typical school day

When you think of a typical school day in a City of London School, you would be forgiven for thinking that the day starts with a fight with traffic and parking attendants to get close enough to the school to drop your child off. At Charterhouse we allow our parents to to park outside the school for 10 minutes while dropping off their children, starting your day stress free.

The children are then greeted by our Headmistress Caroline Lloyd, before the day’s lesson begin at 9am, which is normally numeracy or literacy. At 10:40 the children then join other classes and have the chance to catch up with friends while enjoying a drink and a piece of fruit, brought in from home.

At 11.00am lessons start again and continue until lunch at 12.15pm. All children bring their own packed lunch, which we ask to be of a healthy nature. At 12.45pm the whole school goes into the Charterhouse Square garden for 40 minutes of playtime.

The afternoon sessions are usually dedicated to sports, the arts or humanities.

When hometime creeps up, pick up is staggered between 3.10 and 3.30pm to ease congestion and to ensure that each child goes home with the correct adult. Your child’s teacher will be at the door as each child leaves, so you have an opportunity every day for a quick chat if you have something you want to discuss.


Facilities and extra-curricular activities

You can expect to experience the best facilities at our school, from our superb ICT Suite, equipped with an impressive array of Apple Mac computers to our bright airy classrooms.  The central location of the school allows us to take full advantage of excellent nearby facilities – including the swimming pool, tennis courts and gymnasium at Golden Lane Leisure Centre, the astro-turf pitches at Coram’s Fields, and of course the garden in Charterhouse Square itself.

We also provide a diverse range of extra curricular activities, from table tennis to drama club and chess club taught by grandmaster Aaron Summerscal, whatever your child’s interest and passion, we have a club to suit their needs.

An independent school is an opportunity for your child to attend a school where the only limitations are the borders of your child’s imagination. At Charterhouse Square school we are known for our academic success – and that is a source of great pride to us – but we care more about the safe, nurturing environment that makes this success possible. Come and see for yourself the difference an education from an independent school can have for your child.

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