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Teacher Parent Network

Like Charterhouse Square School itself, our Teacher Parent Network has a unique character that adds to the close-knit culture of our school community.

Almost every school has some sort of Teacher Parent Network but ours is different. Yes, we organise all sorts of social gatherings – from drinks evenings to treasure hunts. And, yes, we help out at school events like sports days and discos. But one thing we rarely do is ask parents to put their hands in their pockets. We do not exist simply to raise funds for the school – and that gives the majority of our activities a special quality that we believe serves to strengthen the bonds of the school community much more effectively.

What also sets us apart is the level of involvement we have in the way the school is run from day to day. The Headmistress sits down with us once or twice every term and we not only discuss arrangements for events like quiz nights, we also get to talk about subjects such as how school reports are circulated, how swimming lessons work and how children should go about choosing library books. It really does give parents an important voice when it comes to non-academic policy at the school.

To make sure that every part of the school is involved, we ask parents to volunteer as Class Representatives. For the 2016/17 academic year, your representatives are:

Green Room
Lauren Crilly (Emmeline), Alison Morgan (Molly), Eric Scannell (Maya)

Red Room
Natalie Friday (Camille), Tina Pandey (Darsh), Fran Perrin (Zoe)

Yellow Room
Olivia Bridges (Arthur), Kate Stephens (Laura)

Blue Room
Sandra Forster (Adam), Nicola Chard (Alice)

Rainbow Room
Jessamy Gallagher (Eliane), Heloise Laight (Belle), Debbie Dunning (Emily), Solenne de la Fouchardiere (Soizick)

Balloon Room
Caroline Heagney (Thom & Lyra)

Kite Room
Liz Fuller (Matthew & Ellie), Geoff Leong (Sylvie)

Star Room
Juliana Dalton (Stefan), Silvana Tenreyro (Giovanni)

If you are interested in getting involved in any of our events, or you would like us to discuss a particular issue, do please get in touch with your Class Representative or with one of us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Una Selwyn and Sarah Chase
Teacher Parent Network Coordinators


020 7600 3805