Head's Welcome

Our Headmistress Caroline Lloyd explains why so many parents want their children to share in the happiness and success of Charterhouse Square School.

Charterhouse Square School is a special place. Every morning I have the pleasure of opening up the school doors to welcome the children, and I am always struck by how happy and excited they are to be here. In fact, I often tell wavering parents to come and see this for themselves because I cannot think of a better advert for the school.

This is a place where children love to be and where they love to learn – and I think that these are two of the main reasons why our girls and boys make such outstanding academic progress here. We nurture them in a safe, secure, loving environment so that they develop into happy, confident individuals ready to work hard and reach the highest of standards.

That word ‘confident’ is key, I think. Right from day one our boys and girls are taught that they matter –  that they each have talents to celebrate, opinions to express and potential to explore. This, I believe, is what gives them the self-confidence to turn that potential into real-world success.

And success is what we are geared up to achieve at Charterhouse Square School. We have an outstanding track record in the exam hall and the abilities of our girls and boys have earned us an excellent reputation at many of London’s most prestigious senior schools.

But there is something else about our leavers that makes me even prouder. It is that so many of them come back and talk so fondly and enthusiastically about their time here. One current pupil has even admitted to kissing the school wall whenever she passes by!

That speaks to me of a school that has something unique about it. A special place. Do please visit us to find this out for yourself. You will be made very welcome.

Caroline Lloyd

020 7600 3805