Academic Quality & Results

The success that our pupils enjoy in the classroom and in later exams is not down to chance. It is built on superb teaching and high expectations.

Parents send their children to Charterhouse Square School because we offer superb preparation for senior school within a friendly and supportive environment. Year after year our girls and boys leave with much-coveted places at some of London’s finest schools and the personal skills necessary to make the most of the opportunities they have earned.

Our success is not down to chance – or a selective entry policy. It’s no coincidence that our nursery children are taught by highly qualified teachers who have more than enough skill and know-how to teach our oldest children. We simply will not compromise on teaching excellence – so much so that we have a policy of not using supply teachers or even lunchtime supervisors. We also follow a curriculum designed to ensure that every class in the school is operating a year ahead of what is expected for their age group.

Further up the school we recognise that the most crucial period comes in Years 4 and 5, when the children do the bulk of their exam preparation. That’s why we treat these two classes – Balloon and Kite – as one double year group, making sure that the same teachers guide the children through this important phase of their education. It’s an approach that we know raises standards for all the children.

We expect a great deal from our boys and girls. We believe that children respond well to being challenged and extended, as long as they feel comfortable and supported. We also encourage each child – even from an early age – to take responsibility for their own learning. We teach them to be self-motivated, inquisitive and independent – managing their homework and remembering to bring in everything they need each day. It’s all part of giving them the confidence and resilience to push beyond their comfort zones and keep reaching for even greater success.

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